Donkey Flashcard Cracks Up Toddler

Of some of the funniest things in the world that give us joy, it is often that the sound of a small child’s laughter can be rank up there.

For example, a baby’s sneezing mom who manages to keep him chuckling for many minutes on end, providing him with a sole source of amusement even while he is surrounded by his toys.

What about a baby who is meeting his German Shepherd for the very first time, there is certainly no shortage of these baby giggles. It is really tough not to crack a big smile.

That additionally goes for the little baby in this video below. It is an uncontrollable fit of giggles that is most likely the very cutest thing you will get to see today.

While  a mom was recently teaching her baby some new animal names with flash cards, she discovers something rather wacky about the manner in which her son responds to one of the cards in particular. She can also be seen here flashing about through a number of animals, but when this lady flashes a donkey at her baby, wacky silliness happens.

First a sea horse, then a penguin, and then a kangaroo muster not much more than some cute wide eyes for this little one. Yet the very second that the mom pulls out the donkey card. It is almost as exciting as the sound I made after I realized that I could save a ton of money on my auto insurance.

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